Sam's latest creation 'Monster Ball' takes the shape of a giant ball. This machine was a challenge Sam set on himself to build a vehicle that could not only drive in any direction but also be able to operate upside down. This machine is certainly one of a kind

Year built - 2015
Engine - 5.7L Ls1 V8
Size - 3.5M Diameter


Best known for its record breaking wheelie's Devil's Taxi is the latest monster truck Sam has built. Since finishing building the truck in 2010 Sam has specially set up the truck for being able to run in the verticle position for as long as he likes.

Year built - 2010
Body - Chev Silverado
Engine - 572 Blown Big Block Chev
Fuel Type - Methanol
Suspension - 26" Nitrogen charged shocks
Tyre Size - 66"


A truck Sam has for his son Michael. With all the flash parts Michael is always out to be the crowd's favourite truck with continuing to get the biggest jumps.

Body - Chev Silverado
Engine - 572 Blown Big Block Chev
Fuel type - Methanol
Front - 26" Nitrogen charged shocks
Rear - 30"Triple Bypass Nitrogen charged shocks
Tyre Size - 66"


With a passion for balancing, Sam built this specially designed jeep for balancing and manouvering on its rear wheels. With a better turning circle that an average car this act can be used in very small area's.

Body - Cj7 Jeep
Engine - 572 Big Block Chev
Fuel Type - Avgas
Tyre Size - 39"



From the love of tracked vehicles Sam built this machine purely just to see how fast he could have a tracked machine go. Nothing stands in its way.

Based Vehicle - Stuart Tank
Engine - 454 Supercharged Big Block Chev
Fuel Type - Avgas


Sam's first monster build. Sam built Sampson in 1999 and used it for his first shows, even taking it touring over in New Zealand.

Body - Toyota Hilux
Engine - 454 Supercharged Big Block Chev
Fuel Type - Avgas
Front - 20" Nitrogen charged shocks
Rear - 26" Nitrogen charged shocks


With a little Datsun 120y and a welded diff Sam can drive this car on its side 2 wheels on any kind of surface.

Vehicle - Datsun 120y


A stunt Sam's eldest son Michael has invented himself. With widening a freestyle mx ramp to cater for the width of his UTV, Michael can leap around with the FMX guys with as much air control as a motorbike.
He can also balance and drive it on its rear wheels.

Vehicle - Polaris RZR 1000xp


Sam can ride his CR250r on its rear wheel better then most can do on 2. Whilst manouving with tight turns on its rear wheel he can also climb all over the bike and even take his hands off.

Vehicle - Honda CR250r